Check In                           Check out

UPVC door white c/w 2     Good decorative order,       Same
glass panels clear &            slight squeak
patterned, spy hole

Yale type lock finger grip  Working                              Same
Mortise lock with cover     good condition

Security chain                     Complete                            Same

Letter box to the inside      Complete with flap,             Same
gold effect metal                good condition

Ceiling - white                   Clean                                    Fine cobwebs

Coving - white                   Clean                                    Fine cobwebs

Walls - pale sand                Wear & tear,                        Very scuffed
                                           slightly scuffed

Paint work - white              Clean                                    Dusty, dirty

Fitted door mat                   Vacuumed                             Same

Wooden laminated floor    Washed/cleaned, good           Same

Radiator - white/single       Clean, good condition            Same

Light switches -                  Clean & working                   Dirty &
gold effect                                                                          working

Ceiling light fitted with      Clean, bulb working              Dusty &
White shade & econ bulb                                                  working

Door bell fitment                Clean & working                    Same     
HD Video Inventory Service
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Traditional  Written Inventory Methods

Ensuring that your property and its contents are comprehensively documented via the Inventory Report, before it is contracted out to the new Tenant, is a critical time to make certain everything about the property has been meticulous noted and without individual and biased interpretation.

With traditional Inventory methods such as written reports, variations occur in what is documented, i.e. the classification of any conditions and items within the property  from company to company and clerk to clerk.

This can often precipitate disputes between Tenants and Landlords at the time of Inventory Check In, yet more so, at Inventory Check Out. These disputes usually arise through disagreements of interpretation of wear and tear. It is quite often an experience most Landlords dread due to the amount of inconsistencies that can arise from an ill-prepared written Inventory Report which often does not describe the property condition or chattels correctly or incompletely at the outset of the tenancy.

How Is Scott Home Management Different?

By providing a professional HD Digital Video recording with sound, and additional HD Photo stills of the rental property and any contents, including out buildings, landscaping and boundary fencing.

The highly comprehensive digital report is backed up and stored electronically.

Typical Written Inventory Report
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