The Inventory Clerk Service offered is specifically tailored to suit each rental property whether they are furnished, un-furnished, a flat or a house which may also include gardens, out buildings or garages.

The HD Video Inventory Report takes advantage of the best and latest technology to produce a professional HD Digital Video recording, which incorporates sound and HD photo stills. The motion pictures are record in AVCHD progressive, referred to as 1080/50P, 2D motion picture with high definition picture quality and uses an optical image stabilizer. The sound is Dolby Digital / 5.1 channel audio

Each video frame is identified in the following ways:-
            i.   Counter number
            ii.  Date/time of recording
            iii. Date/time of down loading from the camcorder to the PC
And because all this information is embedded data, it is an integral part of the video recording and ensures the authenticity of the Video Inventory Report.

Our HD Video Inventories are highly comprehensive visual reports which capture details of the property structure, contents, landscaping and boundary fencing, where applicable, in a way that is not possible with any written report. And because it is totally unbiased it is difficult to dispute its interpretation.

An HD video Inventory Report easily identifies wear and tear, damage or substitutions to furnishings or fittings at the time of Check Out, providing an instantly comparable documented visual assessment, which is not subjective or disputable when comparing with the HD video Inventory Report from Check In, thus greatly reducing any possible disputes.

Ultimately our HD video Inventory Service makes way for an unambiguous decision making process, benefiting both Landlords and Tenants regarding suitable compensatory claims for any damage, substitutions or loss of furnishings and fittings by providing reliable comparable assessment of the property.

Our philosophy is to provide a precise Inventory Report where the Check Out evaluation can be consistently and accurately compared with that at Check In. For optimal inventory evaluations it is recommended our service be employed at both occasions to negate the possibility of subjective personal interpretation from a written report and any perceived bias towards a Tenant or Landlord perspective     
HD Video Inventory Service - Check In/Out
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